Friday, 27 September 2013

Return to old school

Essex Scrbibler's recent charter boat reprise had me scanning for old gold.

Couple of trips way back when..

Down Berkshire way, and the night of the Kennet storm. After a charge down the motorway with Smeg Sawyer berating Mak Lite(pre-Scribbler) and Guzzaman who wasn't speed limited an evening in the pub was followed by neurotic old me trying not to be in direct contact with a metal tent pole when sharing a 1 man tent with brick shit house Smeg in a rather splendid thunderstorm.  Straight off fishing again, with no chance to even think about replicating my normal 2 flasks of tea and one of coffee.

Afore mentioned Smeg Sawyer
The fishing. I think I caught a gudgeon and the night before someone caught this (probably Smeg) lovely barbel, the first I had ever seen on the bank.
Essex Scribbler into a chub. Back of photo mentions hemp and a possibility that the Scribbler had managed to keep a large stash of much better hemp for himself?

And one he caught earlier. August 1992 the writing on the back says. Very much tank driver chic.

This was also down the A140 to the Stour, and what I remember was mad eyed screamer territory, a gaunt, haunted old woman with blood shot eyes and gouged in blue eye paint, also I think clutching a carrier bag?
This 11+ fish was caught by the Scribbler, swum past Smeg and then took my bait as well. One of many fish that day from a very small area. 14th March 1992
Who dares wins, you ain't see me right?
I thought this was same day but looking closer possibly not.


  1. I like the old flat top haircut, but those glasses are the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. They look the same as that twat Jonathon whathisname Perv Boy wears.
    We called that old lady "Zander Woman"