Thursday, 26 September 2013

If only

Very quick lunch half an hour in Holt, snagged a gorgeous Chicken pie slice and took a quick look at Selbrigg Pond. Shocked to see the dam wall looking like this..

 Having remembered it like this..
Wearing a suit and holding a camera drew the suspicion of the land owner /contractor(not sure) who was quickly assured by my explanation of coming to look at the water with a view to fishing, proudly told me they were to take a lot of the encroaching reed back to somewhere around it's original 9 acres. It is a lovely water with copper beech on one bank. Shallow and very clear it is a picture. Known for perch and eel at one time. Free fishing now (when the contractors are off the dam).  Will definitely be visiting again. Always fancied for it tench early morning or along the reed fringes with lives for perch. One of the first places took @bain3z fishing (he got some small perch), and did have  a double figure pike on a lunch time lure session several years back

The left hand corner was simply alive with darters and damsel flies, mostly paired. I have never seen so many in one place. Sadly I didn't get my settings right which was a shame as it a magnificent sight with brown, electric blue and shocking Ferrari red darting everywhere.
This frame should be full of them but shutter speed to slow and lens only 18-55mm to pick them out.

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