Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mitchell bail flap

Afternoon on the Bure, stuck with flake, this time with some lovely fresh hemp. Family fishing the only weed free swims below the bridge. Did see a decent chub  whilst looking for  any gap (4+ I would say). Only free swim deep, slow,  nice strip of weed but a little to far out to really control the stick and the inside line was almost still.

So. Up towards the pool, resplendent in the September sun.

Dropped in on the bend which turned out to be a bit of a nursery area, flake being hammered by little tykes too small to hook. No 16's in the box so down instead to a 14 and a smaller bit of flake. Stated to hit a few bites including a very small chub, and though not the pettiest today the biggest dace was this one.
The swim was clear and shallow and it was interesting seeing how the stick set up was working. Firstly, even with the shot grouped down the bait (buoyant  I guess as it was flake) took a while to get anywhere near under, let alone any pretence of being in front of the float as so lovingly depicted in every how to book. I could see how bunching shot in a string to act as a hinge over a clean bottom could let the bait trip over the bottom better once I had some semblance of down stream float control. I could also see how easy it was to miss any indication that a  fish had the bait in their mouth until that downstream control was at least technically in place. You would need to be fishing off a boat or a pier, or  chubber style float with a substantial amount of lead, or so over depth and held back that you would have caught on the bottom long before you could get that strung out presentation. The chubber or these days days pellet waggler style works as the float is buoyant enough to drag the bait and lead through and therefore is  in front of the hook.

I had just got some semblance of feed and semi control when the dreaded Mitchel bail arm flap occurred. I have discovered that mostly it is due to a bent bail arm, not the spring but in this case the spring certainly was where it shouldn't be and so that was that for today at least. It's no good being able to run the float through, trap the line on the spool rim and strike if you then have to fumble to turn the handle and set the bail arm  all at once, by hand.

 Had a quick look on the gravels at the tail of the pool and amongst the dace and roach was this lovely little wild brownie. Not sure what the slightly longer, leaner fish top right of the trio is. I'm guessing chub with that white mouth flash and more corally fins. Kingfisher sped across the pool, this time  more chestnut than azure.

Macca was on Captains so called in on the way home. He' d been on Cobbleacre  over the weekend but had been put off by the catfish (it's a designated catfish receiving water) so had finished off in Dead Mans Hole. Had 3 carp today and some bream, missed a take when I was there. Has convinced me of the better approach on Captains. No peeing about with KD's etc. Be confident. Had some predator action in front of him, one lunge was definitely a good sized perch.

And 23 more fish have gone in, including a lovely linear mirror. Wants to put some tench in but very expensive and hard to get at any size . Far better sourcing some new strain small tench as the one's that do come out are old and battle worn

I had had a look last night, and run this little feller through a few times to see just where was less weedy. The bigger light coloured fish I saw last week was soon having a look see  in the disturbed silt. The level is way down now, and the lilies are browning off in places. Kingfisher ( that azure flash and shrill call) seen.

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