Sunday, 22 September 2013

Prawn again

Weather still holding out. Late afternoon stint on Captains. Intending to fish for bream but to tempt any stray carp spotted. Fished 2nd stage in the hole about 3 rods out. Mixture of fresh and slightly turning hemp and corn and to float fish meat or prawn over the top, lift stylee.  Plenty of rudd and roach activity but did not see one carp so a plan to drop a nice bit of fluffy fresh flake in front on one never came to fruition.

Had used a red float rubber for the bottom end reed float and this meant lots of mini rudd./roach action as they tried to move the float around. Missed the first down and away on meat, and the next lift on prawn but third time prawn was to tempting for this little bream to let go.
No bubbles at all, or any rolling but with the bucket nearly empty (that is a very oily hempy corny looking liquid)
I'd kept up some interest with several missed bites and this better fish of just over 5lb.
No fight to speak of but a reassuring thump on the strike and a nice bend in the Ashurst float rod. Essex Scribbler will raise an eyebrow but I think an autumn investment in some maples or blackeyes and a few more bends in the rod are called for before thoughts turn to pike...

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  1. Fill yer boots while the weather is good. It's beautiful at the moment. Mild, absolutely no wind, "days of mellow fruitfulness" indeed.