Sunday, 26 February 2017

Chase the dace

Break in the weather  and  after a detour to get some quite decent red maggit from Dangling Indirect set up in the shelter of the bridge and embankment for a couple of hours on the pin. First trot and this lovely dace set the tone for the afternoon. All had skin as rough as sandpaper so spawning time not far off.

As I slid it back the downstream half sardine woke up and a right royal battle ensured  much to the delight of the driver of the passing noddy train and various passers by. One of whom took a few reasonable shots (especially of the surrounding kit strewn about). Such as the high tech, low vis padded camera case for my new Nikon. 10.04

Lurking menace. More if him/her later.

Steady sport from hand and  a half sized dace proved too much for scar head above who grabbed 4 decent fish on the way in, all of who escaped fairly lightly. Dazed and confused perhaps?

A smaller cousin of scar head sadly flipped my  prized  long artery forceps into the drink hence the  small forceps pressed into service for  this middling pike.

Small dace and even smaller roach barely featured today though I did have 4 chublets.

Pretty obviously a chub  that one but some of the dace do look  a bit strange as below.

Last shot taken by the long eared hat wearing Robbie of the North and some(well most of the ) time Urban Angler. No point being secret squirrel about this spot, given how many people strand and gawp at the massed hordes of 6lb+ chub on the gravels come Easter. Give them some Polaroids to gawp even more and they nearly fall in.

Grass carp Dave had filled his boots with some stonking roach in the adjacent Res as well so spring is springing alright.

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