Sunday, 5 February 2017

Fat as a butchers dog and a half

The Commander in Chief and I took the little uns to Cromer for an ice cream on Saturday morning.

Fair bit of damage to the front after the recent surge

Still a nip in the air, especially on the pier.

They say there is a light that never goes out.....

A bit of  a spring clean on the syndicate pool in the afternoon left me with a couple of hours once the chainsaw gang had gone.

Not a breath of wind and fairly low light. Couldn't get the roach to settle on the bait but enough to make me think of a more sustained effort.

Dusk fast approaching and a drop in temperature. Too dark to really see the float.

The so far dormant sardine rod to the right shows a stuttering take,, blue LED blinking. Decent fish, flying treble caught in net. Struggle  to get in and over the reeds. Only torch not really working, unhook the fish but not the net so decided on a mat shot and not  the scales but a low double?

Checking later and hadn't really considered the bulk of the fish, just the length. Very fat and probably in spawn rather than just had a post ice-up  nosh given how far back the extra weight goes..

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