Sunday, 19 February 2017

Not the best of days

Following yesterdays good trotting session I thought I'd use the extra couple of hours I had for some piking.  Despite adopting the Billingsgate method I came home empty handed.

It wasn't untill I got to the big 90o bend that I had any interest at all. The flow is directed right into the near bank and clears out a decent run of deeper water down most of the straight. First rod in was away and  good fish surging off on the strike. Stayed deep, then off. Must have dug the half herring out of a clump of weed which had masked the hooks. Then two fish in short order that were on when I picked the rod up to twitch back, one small fish was off quickly. The next  one more substantial seemed firmly hooked, until it saw the net.  Taillwalked and out came the bait. Oh bugger I said quietly to the passers by who declared they never realised fish grew so big or could jump so high. And that as they say, was that.

Did take some nice photos and saw reasonable quantities of fish topping at the bottom of the straight but if youre are going to blank it is always better to come home without a wet net to sort out. 

I prefer a little less water with mine....

The small fish  lost sulked around for a while close in but I couldn't tempt it again.

Must come back to take a few on the tripod as the church is lit up beautifully at night.

Does look very roachy here a few of us think. But are not brave enough to try. Those fish topping were the first I'd seenn for ages. Never sure what the pike eat up here to get so  fat.


  1. Paaah, three, yes three, rods on that little 'ol river. Sad, very sad. Big fail ( as twittered by The Donald )

    1. Booooòooooooooooooooom.First cast as well