Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Never rmind the quality, feel the width

You're getting double bubble tonight you lucky bleeders.. 

I've been dodging the 42 inch net police for several years, managing I thought well enough with a couple of 36 inch nets, whch eventually sucumb to  either angry pike/carp or the cumulative effect of lots of little cuts to free snagged trebles. For about 25 quid fair dos and my current net will still be pressed into action until the inevitable collapse. Which is not long awway.

However enquiring glances from the afore said 42 inch net police and  a couple of lost fish have turned my head.  Think the last two lost at the net would have gone in first time with a bigger net,and if I can find a robust extendable handle even better. Why a standard 6 foot handle, always?

Now I am not going to fall for the must have 190 quid jib (I kid you not). No a 25 quid job again! (Good old Eric's Angling). It came today and it is a thing of beauty. Light, graceful and yes, six inches bigger. Though considerably less in the girth.

Beer and  all that..thougt it was about time to head over to the beer tasting tent and dish up #6 I think of  the tasteathon. Proper beer in a proper bottle with  a proper label. Lancaster Amber it says here.

Smooth malt, balanced with tangy and spicy hops blah, blah, blah. Come on chaps , it is simply a nice easy drinking session beer ( 3.6%) with that lingering get me more taste. Splendid. Shame I only had the one bottle.


  1. I had a bottle of the same last night and very nice it is too. Sadly I only had one bottle in the cellar too. Bad planning.

    1. We'll have to order a skipload then..

  2. For me it's beer in the pub. Never really drink it at home, well not much. It's usually a nice Rioja or similar. Or a large G and T with lime and lemon. As Sir Dennis used to say, " Never too early for a G and T".

  3. Never get to a pub, rarely anyway. Can't see you with a G and T. Might have to have one just to imagine it. Not that I have many, just get a bottle in for Chrimbo. Menorcans have it with lots of fizzy sort of fanta lemon and call it pomada. Their gin is a bit diferent too