Saturday, 11 February 2017

Once, twice, three times a loser.

Three days of temperatures struggling to stay above 0 and snow that wouldn't lay. Saturday was just miserable and damp. Two hours max and a trip back to the big old girl's lair. Decided to work an area just upstream first. The usual text to Lord Lite resulting in a take and a decent double was surging around when the hook pulled.
Dropped a bait in Shangri-La with a  prompt response. An even better fish, darker and leaner than the one I lost last week but looking upper doubles. At the net and disaster, hooks pulled. Made a desperate lunge,  fish in the net then gone.  Curfew aproaching and repositioned a bait further into the big slack. Must have landed right on a pike's nose as the float  never settled before heading downstream. A much more powerful fish that stayed deep and made it back to the slack three times before a sickening boil and slack line.   Even worse, knot had failed and left a set of trebles in the unseen fis
h. Never feel good after that.


  1. Get back down there and fish until you catch it. I'd like to abuse you for being a incompetent gumby, but as you know it's happened to me too.

  2. Oh dear. There are some days when things don't go quite right. Always check your knots. I hope you are there now in the rain and wind while I enjoy a second cup of tea. John