Monday, 16 January 2017

A tough job...

I have been given the task of drinking a selection of 12 British Beers. A tough job and all that..

So, here goes.

Cwrw braf, or lovely beer. Flat as a witches tit, cloudy dull and rather nice in fact. Has a sweet start but some after bitterness. to encourage a salty snack or two from those picture displays I'd wager. Who's gonna  get the nips? Would be nice with some fruitcake and cheese too. It's not American elderflower citrus nonsense in a 330ml can either. Which is aways a good thing. Yes 568 ml would be the optimum amount but  that's not going to happen until we've had the cliff edge hard red white and blue brexit thingy anyway.

Sort of speaking of which. Farage and Gove. The first two Limeys given a public audience by the Trumpster. WTF.

That old the Nikon's working again dusk Holt shopfront shot. (again) Think shutter mechanism is getting stuck and chucking up a common press shutter release button again error. Sounds just the job for a Maplin 38 in 1 Precision Bit Set. 7 microscopic screws, a can of spray lithium grease and ham fisted Bureboy. What could go wrong?
Whilst I  wait for Dangling Indirect to replace my Avon I'm thanking about breaking out the flick tip/ whips to lay on in a few slacks. Stonfo or double silicon rubber fitting? One is 5m telescopic and one old Lerc is 6m take apart.

I knew that ponytailed tosser would score the equaliser against the Kloppites. I dislike him and Man U with  a passion but what a footballer.

That Milner though,... he could play anywhere on the park and come up trumps. Boring Milner maybe but worth his weight in gold.

And Pep Guardiola. He thought it would be piss easy to win the Premiership.  Dumps Hart for that Bravo clown. Stones is a complete joke Of course from midfield onwards pure genius line up. No defence though and you can ticky tacky all you like. Four attempts  and four goals. Simple  as.


  1. Football analysis spot on I think Wak. Yes, Zlatan, what a player. Still hate Man U though. Phil Jones looks like Stan Laurel. Gumby.

  2. Jones always reminds me of a pound of butchers sausages. Pasty git. Will never forget the look on him and gout nosed Fergie's faces when Aguero scored that late doors title decider..granny shagger is past it as well and as for Pogba..

  3. Once again you're right Mr Pundit. The gormless look on their faces as the title slipped away. Magic. We were eating Sunday tea and when Aguero scored we all went absolutely mental. Happy days.

  4. Happy days indeed BB - title challenge like the beer - flat as a witches tit! Hate the lot of them. Glorious seeing EFC stuff MCFC, school of science and all that! TTFN Dickie