Sunday, 8 January 2017

Pass the cheese please Louise

Brighter today, river clear and air down a notch,. Spent a while watching the skittish fish from the bridge. Dace, small chub and roach, Smaller fish favouring a deeper scour. Sudden change in mood, fish slowly melting to left as a purposeful  green torpedo appeared . Bow waves  up the side stream as it's intent sensed. One of the melting fish was a very serious roach indeed.  Biggest fish there apart from the pike and one blunt headed chubling.   In retrospect should have  started there but I didn't.
Set about the roach swim with an in-line small black cap feeder and  a shortish link to a #16 microbarb. Even shorter might have been better and with fake maggots to complete a self hooking rig given I was using the bean pole. A more determined bite as head torch man from yesterday stopped by, a reasonable roach that came off as I reached for the net. Think he thought my "saves me unhooking it" comment a bit flippant...He'd not long gone when a proper pull round and  a few surging runs then ping. Bite off so most likely a pike?

No narrow gauge trains at all this weekend.

 Lord Lite doesn't like any freebies. I do think it makes me more confident to have something to grab their attention especially if more than one in the swim. Fish do go mad for an explosion of mash or liquidised Warbburton's Blue. Put a couple of cage fulls in then swap to the lighter swan shots. the cheese just gets  stinkier.

A few tweaks and knocks then a piss-off tangle so off before head torch man could come by with probable multiple 6's..

Right, now to get a replacement tip section for the Avon. After I have stopped laughing about Full Kit Wanker John Terry's red card. Ha ha ha.


  1. Hello. Enjoyed reading your blog!
    I see you do a lot of your fishing on the Bure, I grew up in the area'ish and know the river from Buxton Mill down well. Been living away for the last decade or so, so have lost touch a bit.
    I'd like to start fishing the stretch between Buxton and Horstead again, now I'm living back in Norfolk but I notice you mention syndicate stretches quite a bit.
    I don't want to just turn up and start fishing if I'm going to be in the wrong, so could you let me know which stretches are under ticket and which can be fished without..

    1. Dan, locally appropriate surname!

      From Horstesd Mill up its free om the left bank (looking down stream) and after Mayton Bridge it switches banks to the right . Follow the poplars half way up and you'll find a footbridge. This the start of the Oxnead syndicate, including Buxton Mill (but not where the row of houses is right on the footpath right up to the top of the first meadow past Oxnead Mill. After that it is ask the landowner right up into Aylsham. The Oxnead syndicate is very reasonably priced,just search Captains Pond and you'll find details

      Look for a man with a big fat head and a collection of broken rods and that will probably be me.

  2. It's not that I don't bait up when chubbing ( sometimes ). BUT, when I was doing alot of chubbing I noticed the first bait that went in was almost always taken without caution. They'd usually continue feeding if you fed, but I felt it was always worth a cast first without ant bait going in. This was particularly true in heavily fished places e.g Aldermaston Mill on the Kennet.

    1. It was always the same on the Tees, Swale and Derwent. And the Blackwater, Whitewater and Kennet. Always used huge lobworms, sometimes two and the bites almost pulled the rod in. No chub in Fenland. I recommend that BB uses a whole rod too, rather than his broken collection. John

  3. Perhaps I will try big baits, two casts and see just how much water and fish I can cover. And do more upstream fishing, keep forgetting my 3 biggest chub have come that way. Never bothers me when I am piking though. ...

  4. Thanks Bureboy, much appreciated!
    I was born in North Walsham hospital so not far from that sprawling metropolis just outside the town that shares my name..
    I'll look into getting a ticket for the syndicate for next season, seems very reasonable, does it run june-june?
    So if I wanted to fish the mill pool itself before then, I'm ok if I stick tight to the footpath near the road - to the left of the side sluice looking upstream? Can you still fish the concrete slab immediately to the right of the sluice looking upstream?
    Does the syndicate ticket include Oxnead mill pool?
    Apologies for all the questions.
    Might pop down this week if the weathers not too shitty.
    Thanks again..

  5. Buxton and Oxnead mill are syndicate only, Horstead Mill (as was) is free.