Sunday, 1 January 2017

Loose ends

Dropped middle tribal younger off in deepest Peckham yesterday. He swore he saw two yaks grazing by the M11. I did see two large trees sprayed with fake snow at the entrance to some gated estate ... I also saw my first Essex red kite but no green ring necked parakeets in London Town.

Must have been some extra special New Years Eve meat on order for this queue to form.

Splendid signeage

 Depressing boozer

Well,  a new year has begun and it's darts tonight from Ally Pally. I'll apply myself to some culture whilst I wait. A peaty single malt, a freshly loaded pin and some of TT's art work. Splendid.

Another Bureboy younger has just said "Bless". Sarky git, don't know where he gets it from..


  1. They never sent me a copy of the magazine... Happy new year. TT

  2. You've got a nice ad slot inside...