Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bob, bob, bob, bobbing along

This indecision is killing me. The working title for this blog anyway. Some sharp frosts and then a cold wind first thing had me wavering. Trying a couple of pools with the pole  and laying on over some droppered liquidised bread, smash and grab the length with my replacement tip rod and lobs? Change of scene?

Change of scene won out but still no firm decision. Up to the beck? The big 90 degree bend or the church. Falling over a fresh mole mountain didn't help my mood.  Could feel that it might be one of those days when I should have done something else.

The big bend does always make me stop for a while. Trouble is, the inside traps the silt and the neglect has pushed out the floating bed of reeds which are not  really up to holding my large frame should I get lucky and need to get closer with the net. 

Compromised with an hour around the foot of the bend with no success. Settling on the stile straight seemed to have been a good move, especially as a large roll below my upstream float perhaps betrayed the presence of a pike or a brownie (no chub above the mill). 

However not long after a chain of bubbles turned into a whiskered snout and Tarka had me upping sticks over the stile and down to the church. An hour should be enough I hoped. Certainly enough for a warm from some hot chocolate.

A couple of dips from a passing oak twig and then two further  more determined bobs and a couple of clicks on the downstream rod, just past the first band of dormant cabbages. Given that I was using an old Cardinal 155 it was a case of tightening the rear mounted clutch rather than engaging the bait runner and winding into a decent fish. long and twisting in the bottle green clear water. A bit firmer footing to the reeds here and  a not to hairy netting attempt after some impressive surges.

Leeched but plump and nicely hooked. A very pleasing 14.08 and a good way to christen the newest addition to my slowly expanding armoury of unbroken rods. 12 foot, 3lb tc and now a triplet. This one was even cheaper than its siblings at £20 plus p&p but they have all proved to very decent rods. 

Naff self take. My Nikon is clinging onto life (above) but wouldn't play ball so naffed around with the Canon for this poor effort. Passing dog walker wouldn't take any pics in case she lost her rather glamorous husky type hound. Didn't need a sled as it was pulling her along quite nicely in her Muck boots.

Curfew time approaching and another sardine (yes, whole not halved) went on a journey across the river, buzzer and bait runner giving it large. Netting more tricky here, a few tail walks as I thought where to beach the fish and it was off saving me the bother. About half the size and  a good bit of fun whilst it lasted.

Chocolate finished and off the water, calling in briefly on Rob settling in for a chub sortie. 

Spot the lyric and song?


  1. Red robin? We are frozen out. Bugger the weather, that is the good thing about flowing water. A walk with the camera I think. John

  2. ES should get it..

    Happy snapping and ratting

  3. The Clash, Should I Stay Or Should I Go. Yeah, stick to the piking, the thought of you trying to pole fish is hilarious. Nice fish anyway.

    1. Knew you would get it. And I consider the cruel pole jibe a full blown challenge for 2017.

  4. That was my intention. By autumn you'll be ready to tackle the Alton roach.

  5. On a 5m whip? But yes, taking you up on it. Bet even Alton has somne ice on it at the moment