Sunday, 29 January 2017

i got out at least

Much brighter than forecast and river almost down to it's bones. No roach or dace on the shallows below the point, only the mossy green pike from last look see. Might even go doubles.

Discovered I had floats but but no shot or small hooks. Found a brace of 2 swan and poked a pair of worms in some likely spots on my new avon quiver. Looked likely to me but nothing fishy at home. Rod feels nice, light but with a core steeliness about it. Have ended  up with two complete rods for the price of one once I have trued up the broken section as it will take the quivers and there is the avon section anyway.

The promised rain set in just before 3 so  hunkered down with a couple of deads out but again nothing showed  any interest.

Put in the remaining liquidised Wharburtons Blue. The crust fizzed up spectacularly. For chub liquidise with crust on  but not for roach that's for sure.

The hoped for kingfisher and three goldfinch. Can't recall seeing them in the winter before. Ice on the Res going but stubborn still on Captains

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