Saturday, 7 January 2017

As shiny as a new pin

Well, the new great white hope that was the new Avon twin tip didn't make it past the back door. Snapped just below the  female joint for the push in quiver. Bugger.

Still, I  had a pint of whites and a new centrepin to christen. Drizzle had stopped, was still overcast, hardly  a breeze and about 9 degrees. River even had a faint tinge to it.

I had loaded the pin with 4.4 lb Float Fish and used  a micro swivel as a tell tale dropper and the joint for a short 1.7 hooklink to  a #18 microbarb. All suspended under a 4bb big stick.

First swim a bit boily and short but after  a flattened maggot about 6 trots in the float stabbed under and  for a brief few seconds chevin made a dash for cover before the the hook pulled. More Bugger.
Second glide far more conventional but only sporadic interest, usually just  as I was about to up sticks.

Less than an hour's decent light left so made up the DAM  Des Taylor bean prop and settled onto the last swim of the beat for  a few trots before releasing the stinky cheesepaste, 2 years old now and still festering away nicely.  A very strong and turbulent push into cover and  a broken eddy with no discernible crease but clearly  comfortable for the roach. This fish came to second trot and made me grab for the net in a panic. Not a bad way to blood the Ikon. Might have pushed 12-13 oz if I had weighed it.

Another three slightly smaller all black spotted as well followed suit, this the best of that small bunch: this  also had   a blue spot  above the anal fin.

Does seem to be a localised good roach area, I have caught from hereabouts and often see them roll at dusk. One for more thought and a finer approach than a lump of stinking cheesepaste though they did attempt a few mouth fulls.  Tried the next swim down till I could see the quiver tip  no more with out having to bother the net again.

The approaching head torch turned out to be attached to a fellow member who had just put back a 6.05 chub, thought I'd seen a flash in the Stygian gloom. Tales of an even bigger 6.13 to one of Norfolk's more venerable fish botherers.

Home to a Thai from a box, not a  mail order bride catalogue and news of another win for the hardly mighty Col U. 5 on the bounce. Ipshite were reduced to begging by Lincoln and I think Ed Ball's lame ducks also drew .

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  1. They don't make them like they used to. You are just too rough. John