Monday, 2 January 2017

Snow joke

Garden centre shut, so no maggots, bead bin abruptly shut, so no mash and flake. Cheesepaste frozen so Plan B then....

Intended to head up to the Church Beat  but only one van in Captain's car park: Rob  (carp) the Plasterer's plaster waggon  so  pulled in, and almost on cue the hour's forecast rain began. Mooched about under the rhodos then in a break found Rob had been working the Norwich bank and the island was out of bounds (20 stone bloke, full carp barrow, dodgy walkway, end of) so decided on Stage 2. Rob slipping back a mid double as rain abated.

Given that I threw back the two original baits at the end of the session you can surmise that not a lot happened in between. It did snow briefly as well as rain a lot  and there were some signs of feeding cyprinids. We saw a large but not buzzardy raptor though no kingfisher. It got progressively colder. Then we both went home.

Wonder if we got another 3 points (at home, vs Cheltenham)?


  1. No snow, or rain, over here in West Norfolk. Can't get out tomorrow and brother in law to the Aberdeen flyer, changing at Edinburgh Waverley, on Wednesday so no no self-harm freezing to death until Thursday. John

  2. Plus you are in your Michael Van Gerwen purple patch..