Sunday 24 June 2012

Back on the river again

First river trip since the break. Snatched a quick hour or so using the Drennan Waggler rod given to me by Mak Morris before he went to the wilds of Ontario.  Has a tippy action being a waggler rod but even so has an inpressive bend when tested by a better fish. Somewhat noddied out but river looks the best I've ever seen it.

It was a bite a trot on double red maggot, mostly dace..


This was not the biggest dace either, not sure how big this was but like the other bigger oneI took had black spot, as did some of the chub I've had around this particular area before.
Had one decent roach and a couple of smaller ones, they all were very deep bodied fish and classic river blue and I think might be a good sign for the future. Had one very persistent pike on a couple of times and even this well coloured perch.

Friday 8 June 2012

Captains Pond before the rains came again

Lilies will be out shortly then Captains will be picture perfect. I wander if the water is a bit to acid to give up biger fish? New stockies will be the test. Have'nt seen the buzzards lateley.