Thursday 30 July 2015


Don't know if this will end being the sense of movement  in the evening glow

 Summer evening rain at the back of Bureboy Villas. Fast shutter/fill in flash

Saturday 25 July 2015

Out and about

Not really back in the swing of things yet so some out and abouts from the last week or so.

England's depressing capitulation sent me scowling on to Captains to use up some hemp and corn on Sunday. Water is well down, and due to the presence of fellow angles decide against putting the rake through. Took a while to get the fish anywhere near the hemp but once on the trusty prawn did the biz again. Fishing a bit too far out to be happy with the lift presentation but anything less than a swan at least down and rudd/roach simply muller everything.

The prettiest of the six bream .....

This one had some interesting scale regrowth. The carp boys are fanatical about applying wound
care products. Perhaps this is the reason?

This 4 Spot Chaser had ditched. Recovered a short while later, flying off my hand. As the Scribbler said, big bugger.

One of the bivvy boys moved off the island, this chap ghosted in and had a mirror in minutes. mind you, he did say it was his first fish since October......

Had a look at a couple of places on Tuesday morning on my rounds. Glorious day.

A local caravan park fishery that is quite tempting:

The upper beat of the Oxnead/Lamas/Buxton syndicate.

That is money.

And Cranes looks lush


Tuesday 21 July 2015