Monday 27 November 2023

Woke up alive again today

 61 yesterday. Don't feel it in my head even if I do do everywhere else.  The classic Mousehold Zaks American Diner for a lovely family meal.  Nice Lacons lager too. Gonna get me some Frickles next time. 

Anyhoo, woke up alive again this morning so upwards and onwards. Roach to think about catching. Big fat river roach. I blame the Loafer.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Getting a few trots in

This BureBoi's weekends are mostly spent taking Youngest to football. Beats staying at home and helping Next Eldest with her homework. High school now and the amount they get set is shocking. Two aways this weekend. Aylsham have a very good set up from tots to seniors and a lovely setting. Take cards for the bacon rolls and teas as well. 2 goals for Youngest to take the points


Shipdham was a very long drive and it was absolutely fooking freezing this morning. No card machine so no hot goodies for me and it was very basic. Bad tempered draw and Youngest got an assist and hit the post. What is this two defenders and keeper in 6 yard box for goal kicks rubbish? All you do is invite a press. That's my sports report for the season.  

Which meant little time for fishing. The river did look spot on and I gave it  a good go for an hour but not a bite. Again. Car was parked right by the tidal pool and though it was nearly dark and now raining had just six trots back up the eddy before I couldn't see the float any more. This chublet..

 a small dace, two nice roach and a decent trout. And a better roach lost.

I'll keep an eye on the flow patterns over the sluices and set about getting amongst those roach again. when it's running right. And I have an hour to spare.

Sunday 12 November 2023

A tale of one river, two days

I had most of Saturday afternoon free so went prospecting on the Bure. Some decent rudd, roach and perch have been coming out of the tidal round Wroxham but being a Saturday it was packed out, mostly pike boats and Day-Glo orange floats were everywhere. And being tidal the flood run-off  was being held back and the moorings were mostly underwater. Corn and worms not required

Back up the valley to the town stretch just above the last of the tidal trotting maggot where I'd had my last success but trotting line and depth changes couldn't buy a bite so dropped down 20 yards and three dace in three trots. 

I coaxed then up with my feed strategy and pretty soon they were under the rod tip. And every drop-in a coconut. Dace twisting in the flow and the roach making me yield line from the pin. I just love the direct feel you get playing a fish off the pin.

Enough action to warrant digging out the neoprene fingerless as my wet hands began to feel a nip for the first time this season. I'd moved behind a treeline and despite the last of  the low sun lighting up the beeches I also had to don the big coat.

Not everyone went in the net for a piccy but enough for it to feel quite heavy. Putting this sample back killed the swim and I slid back along the muddy path in the gathering gloom a very happy Bure Boi.

Today (Sunday) and I headed further up to the next Mill which was a mistake as it was being run off and the level was down a couple of feet.

I worked hard but nothing took a fancy to my trotted reds or bounced along dendros  but I did spend a bit of time watching this (distant) dog otter below my swim.

Saturday 11 November 2023

A tale of two trains

 Tuesday night and heading up the city to see this. I said Tuesday....

On the train and everything, going out out etc.  (I do like going on a train).

Someone pointed out the date. I was going tomorrow (Wednesday). What to do? Coach and Horses till the next train back.  Pint of Chalk Hill Brewery CHB and then one of TAP for £8 all in.

Now it's Wednesday. Meet the Eldest in the Artichoke as Norwich's smallest pub (Malt and Mardle) unsurprisingly is full. Arti lager is £5. Not bad and we had two. Mostly discussed the hateful Braveman.  

Epic Studios and to the bar. Pint of Stella. £6.80. How much?    No thanks, I can get 4 pint cans for less. What's yer cheapest? AKB Hells for  £6.
Jah Wobble? A big bloke with a big face. Proper Cockney showman. He did spend a lot of time playing his bass sitting down as he was old he said. And so were most of us. 

Poptones a stand out for me

Drive to the forest in a Japanese car The smell of rubber on country tar. Hindsight done me no goodStanding naked in this back of the woods The cassette played poptones I can't forget the impression you made you left a hole in the back of my head  I don't like hiding in this foliage and peat It's wet and I'm losing my body heat 
Back to the station crossing the Wensum on Fye Bridge

Last train home, not the Friday/Saturday Vomit Comet

Friday 10 November 2023

A tale of two rivers

Down in Devil Dog Land to see the Old, the Loafer thought the lowland border defining river might be ok but it wasn't. By miles. Several meadows wide anyway, as far as I could see anyway.  So the rods stayed in the Charabanc and I made do with a pint and scratchings in the Anchor.

Said rods remained recumbent in the Charabanc  for a 'just in case' which was just as well as a 'just in case' clear, within bank upper reaches of a Norfolk chalk stream was on my well earned shorter day commute home. Urban, but chalk. The clarity in the low, bright sun conditions would mean searching out darker (deeper) water. So clear you'd swear there were no fish in the stretch.

A small handful of red and white grubs followed up with two impaled on a #16 B560 trotted on a 2 swan chubber told otherwise. Legions of these gorgeous fantastically painted wild brownies beat any nearby roach or dace to them every time. I did loose count and only one spot was biteless. Need to find the roach and dace next time.

It wasn't that long a session but just long enough to miss most of the carnage of heroic Maxwell's demolition of  an Afghanistan who must have thought a highly unlikely skittling out of Australia was within their grasp. 202 not out,  mostly whilst rooted to the spot racked by dreadful cramp.