Wednesday 19 April 2023


 Short  and fishy this one

Fish magnet. Dampened pellet in a nice neat package. Don't forget to take the mould off before casting. They sink.

Someone has been a very lucky bream...

Hope to prospecting for some stillwater chub this weekend. That will make a change although the bait rules are a bit restrictive. A challenge I suppose. 

Friday 7 April 2023

Slow burn

It's been a slow start to the spring campaign, short local trips and sometimes rain has meant I've sat in the car park and not even got out. Bream and tench have come my way, nothing big put pleasing anyway, especially the tench. Flat bed method feeder tactics or a float close in. This bream must like my net as it's been in it a couple of times already.

A bit cold for me still, bib and braces and often the big coat. Not long and the rhodos will be out on Golden pond  Not yet though

Oh. LIDL have Champion back in at £1.65. Happy days