Monday 19 June 2023

Last dtch

No early doors river opening day river trip for me, the Commander in Chief wasn't keen and when I did call in at the mill pool on the  way to work to see what I'd missed it was full of old women swimming. I think they had driven the kayakers off down river.

Just an hour on Saturday evening in a lily fringed corner of  Golden Pond. Just one bream tripped up at 21.02 which should have seen me crunching down the long gravel drive of  BureBoi Villas as nine o'clock is wine o'clock. It's not far and I wasn't too late.

Back to it's milky warm home. Net forever stinky now and stiff as a teenager's sock.

Monday 12 June 2023


Headed off to a shaded small corner of the pit where the wind had pushed the scum line up to the pads. Still warm in the shade but comfortable. Small clumps of bubbles but not fizzers. Decided  to go easy on the pellets and (new) Source minis as they had their heads down. Float moving a bit then gone. Missed three. What was going on? Put down phone and can of pop and concentrate. Bingo. Tench on, lovely scrap flirting with the pads one of which ended up in the net . Cracking fish, may be pushing six? Didn't weigh it so that's just conjecture. Just a lovely plump clean female tench.

Found out what the missed bites might have been. And the bubble makers. Very different to tench or bream or big slobbery mud pig bubbles.  Not sure how it got the 12mm Source in its gob but it did.

I did hook a big slobbery mud pig but after a  ponderous run the barbless hook fell out. This bream stayed on though.  A lovely quick after gardening (chopping down trees) couple of  hours well spent. Them muntjacs are noisy old things aren't they?