Sunday 8 July 2012

Surviving an amber weather warning

This weekend has seen a bashing by the weather, low pressure, big winds and lots of rain. The Bure  has ben bank high, but with only a tinge of colour (compared to the the raging brown torent that was the Nar on Friday). Tough high, the water being held up at the last non-tidal gates at Horstead gave a steady, if un-spectacular push just right for a stick float. Quite why I noddied about for 45 minutes wth a waggler from ar previous Captains trip then I dont know, as the float was dragging the bait though too fast. Changing over to a Drennan Avon inflenced "stable stick" enhanced presentation with more pick-ups on the strike.

Dace not quite so big this time but some still semi-netters.

As well as the dace several perch, threee small but pleasing gudgeon, a micro chub and  a few roach made it a pleasant early evening trip. Had to chase the fish round the swim at times, erratic feeding and an extra couple of feet of water didn't help

Captains is coughing up a few of it's new carp residents with more stockies to come in the next couple of weeks

I'll have to make an effort to clear a couple of swims and put some bait in. In the meantime I will get back and have a go for some of the smaller but very coloured roach rudd and hybrids like this skimmer /something hybrid off the road bank. Bigger Bream are evident  off Stages 1 and 2 as well, shoal usually split in to two groups with 30-40 fish in total