Sunday 29 September 2019


It's rained for days. Good. We need it so badly.  Meant a dash back to the car a few times yesterday on the Green Lagoon. In between biblical downpours I kept three cormorants off, made the windows steam up multiple times and still managed a skimmer or roach a chuck on some manky old maggots. I also chucked the  mudpig gear down the side and came up with this blotchy old thing. Made the baitrunner fizz but stood no chance on a 3lb tc rod.

A family feast, rain and sun on the coast today but no pot of gold.

Monday 16 September 2019

Just looking

Rods were in the car, in vain hope as it happened but never mind. Look spot on too. Very precise Sat Nav. Perfect for pinning down the licence dodgers co-ordinates and calling in Uncle Sam or Ginger and the Boys to prosecute rough justice

Saturday 14 September 2019

Hand held

Fishing opportunities have been sparse of late but I have  been on the bank a couple of times. And just how quickly are the nights drawing in. Anyway, got a few hours in the reopened (Now Green) Lagoon. Hopefully more bods on the bank and the cormorant pair will stay off, at least whilst someone is about anyway. Golden juicy grains of corn over hemp had a stream of hand sized + roach, skimmers and inbetweeners coming to the net. They are looking a bit washed out in the algae green water.

Most pleasant. And of course ginger beer. Always the ginger beer. Until the tin is too cod too hold

Fishless sortie to Golden Pond, one took a bait on the drop and lost itself in the pads but I was treated to these all afternoon. There are so many red darters but with those red tips to the wings most likely a male ruddy darter

And on the way home from  a busy work day yesterday sought solace on a bend on the Wensum just outside the city reaches. Lovely simple stick float fishing with plenty of these fellers in my stolen hour.

Lovely deeper stretch with plenty of runs and cover and should I be Naarich way lots to explore before winter sets in. And as I was musing to myself as to why I have never caught a minnow on my more local Bure in 50 years the bob bob bobbing float announced their arrival in my swim. Pests.

Wednesday 4 September 2019

Running on..Colne River Charity Fun Run

Went back down to Doggerland on Sunday as lens man for the Essex Loafer's excellent Colne River Charity Fun Run. Around 80 runners on a 1, 3 and 5 mile course along the mighty Colne and up and down some of Essex's most feared hills (it says here).

Cracking running conditions and only one non finisher. Something about a dog and a bush. Excellent back drop.

High tech registration station.

Strangely most of the runners  seemed more intent on the fuelling station. No bacon rolls though.

Now, I've never seen the Loafer ever get stressed before. It is quite funny. And that crematorium urn is actually a prize. No, really it is

 His acolytes

Some of the milers

The also rans. Official Aceeeed starting flag on a 5 metre whip

The glittering prize(s)

That stop watch might come in handy chap...

What do you mean the first 17 times didn't come through...

1, 3 and 5 mile winners

And of course a pint of Oak from the Grain Brewery from Norfolkcestershire in the Black Buoy.

Smashed it Boi.