Saturday 27 August 2016

Ice cream Saturdae

Quick trip to Sheringham and an ice cream for the little un's and the London Bois .
They loved the David Barber murals

I liked the brutalist municipal shelters

Monday 22 August 2016

Back on the Pond..again

Haven't been fishing properly this month save a sinusitis shortend attempt so Sundsy's pass out was gladly accepted.

Had wondered about opening up a new front along the increasing sets of pads to the left of Stage One but rain forecast so scuttled across to the Norwich bank. Level has dropped more, probably not more than a wagglers depth in places so slack line leads and indicators on the floor.

Forecast rain never came despite the brooding grey ahead. Swans must be nearly on starvation levels now given the lack of any subsurface green this year  just the sight of a catapult or bait bucket has them scooting across the pond. No loose feed in at all today cos of them and subsequently the bubbles never joined up to indicate any serious concentration of fish. Save the commotion of a mud pig picking up a prawn and ploughing onesidedley through the pads.

Further commotion from the black death machine that had croaked in on an unfriendly wind, you can fence out otters but not cormorants. Hope it is banished as soon as possible. Swans didn't like it either. Carnage ahead in the shallow weedless water. Perhaps the cygnet and gosling munching crocs with heads much too big for their bellies will sort it out.

Only two fish troubled the ridiculously small net, one a solid if battered rudd x bream hybrid of about 4 lb

And a smaller headed pike also on a banded 14 mm pellet.

Nights are now drawing in, fancy perch on the river and I'll put a whip in the car for a smash and  grab up in the horn of plenty of Zanderland. Work have put off the notice of severance of contract for a month  or so with lots of ifs and buts, meanwhile I've been all but exiled  up to the wilds of Westest Norfolk. Half hour lunches on the move  will be grabbed chasing nature's Autumn bounty either from drain or hedgerow. Silver linings and all that.

Wot u looking at?

Big old Corfu Cricket..

Thursday 4 August 2016

Holidays are coming

Tribe Bureboy have been in sunny climes, on an Ionian Isle,  more tales of dreadful driving, lovely beaches and the joy of air con to come but here is a taster..

You dont get that sort of sea off Cromer..

That is why we go on holiday surely?

And what a view to wake up to.