Sunday 27 September 2015

Through a window darkly

I always forget Holt shuts on a Sunday. Still, gives more room to look through people's windows.

Sunday 20 September 2015

Autumn is here

Definitely an eggs in nearly one basket crop this but it signals the end of summer to be sure...Knight's Hill twixt chalk upland and flat fen.

40 's weekend in Sheringham is also a harbinger of those mellow mists.

Mid wars Rolls Royce detail...

These kick up a stink..

Just an hour on the river, first cast on flake this silver dart

and finished off with this real autumnal perch of about a pound, resplendent in the low evening sun, of course on a worm gleaned from the veg patch turnovers. Just needed a bonfire to round it off. Made do with the church clock striking 5 (3 minutes late as ever) and a distinct dewing on the tackle as the temperature dropped.

Poplars striding off  somewhere important.

Sunday 13 September 2015

Greedy bastard

Thought I'd cower under a brolly and feed the chub this afternoon. Didn't go quite to plan but a pleasure to be out in amongst it anyway.

Droppered 3 swims with the unctuous, oily brew above then offered some fresh worms in hope of a perch or two. Constant action from gonks including this one which was half the length of the bait.

Paternostered a half joey, and from the first drop in trouble in the shape of ominous bobbing from either Ronnie or Reggie Kray, seemingly forming chains to reach up and snap at the bait.

Decided it not worth breaking out the Bacon Grill to feed them any more so off the river.

Had the usual drive out and ice cream with little 'uns this morning, up to Cley, across Wiveton bridge, through Blakeney and on to Sheringham. Cracking. God's own county.

Thursday 10 September 2015

Home boy

I know I'm just about home when I see these Serengetti trees.

Monday 7 September 2015

Mixed bag

As I live on the edge fancied a bit of piking on Sunday. Pike thought otherwise so in the 3rd swim I let the lip hooked dace go.  Nice bit of river here. Will look a lot different when the dogwood is in its red and yellow bare stemmed best. King fisher and buzzard best spots today, and a distant heard peacock. And the church clock striking 4 minutes late as usual.

Settled in on  the syndicate still water and found a nice clearer spot to lace with white maggot. Enjoyed the sun doing it's best to inject some warmth. We have had a lousy summer.
Lovely mixed bag of mostly palm sized Heinz 57 roach bream and in betweens made for a very pleasant afternoon. On reflection a cloud of damp crumb and fizzing crushed hemp might have held then better but anyway here's a few..

In stunning surroundings

Finished of with a lovingly hand crated artisan rustic bread, sun dried toms and goats cheese LIDL special. Job done.

Sunday 6 September 2015

Steam powered

Very windy yesterday in Sheringham, salt spray all over the car and my specs.

Main attraction..

Either that brew is very powerful or....

Crackling on that..

Grass cut so it's off for some dace and pike.