Tuesday 20 January 2015

Snow, later

Saturday saw a heavy frost and that rarer thing, coastal snow.

Happisburgh beach

  Snow incoming.

Happisburgh light.

Sunday 4 January 2015

Been a bit nippy lately

Here's a precursory bite from Jack Frost on the way to work Monday or Tuesday. I remember having frost inside the windows when I was young. No central heating or duvets then. Me and Tim Wright had to wear shorts right through infants and primary school. Poxy wellies used to chafe the back of my legs something rotten.


Here's some assorted holiday period stuff  from the annual Bureboy and assorted clan week away whilst I wait for the Bure to drop a touch. I remain under heavy manners and reporting restrictions apply.

3+ generations here

 Plenty of whiting about
No relation, literally

Iconclastic juxtapostion.

Can only be Cromer
 Lucky, lucky break in the scudding under cloud.
 Ok, a bit tarted up but come on, a money shot no?

 To hang your Beats on apparently
 Made a break for greener grass pre-Christmas Day lunch. North Norfolk in a frame.
Lifeboat Station and Pavillion Theatre at dusk
 The Strip, like a twixt wars ocean liner. That is front line. Took a massive battering in the December 2013 surge

 Mandem crew
Photobombers get everywhere