Wednesday 31 August 2022

Holiday snaps

I may force a load of holiday snaps on you all shortly, or I may not. Either way we've had a lovely week away in the Garden of England and though no fishing was done beer was drunk daily. Which is always a pleasure.

Speaking of beer, hops of course are required for proper beer so an oast house or two is always in sight in Kent, rather like Norfolk churches and Essex faux clock towers

Toodle pip.

Sunday 14 August 2022

In Visible Waters

We got out with the new rods yesterday. They're too short and the pre loaded line too thick but both the Little Un's caught straight away which is the main thing. 

Then we went paddling (and tomb stoning) in the local mill pool. Which was nice.

Its full of dace from an inch upwards, with the odd brown and perch making raids on them. We are going back with small mesh nets to fill our metaphorical boots.

The next pool down would be a life jacket job for the Little Un's but I'm deffo going for a wander down the tail of the pool there before it gets too cold to wade in jellies and shorts for the better roach that are found down in the tree lined glade. Like this.


Monday 8 August 2022

Time flew

Time seems to be getting away with me but I guess that's time for you. The Little Un's have been having fun on the whip and now have a 'proper' rod each to practice with. They don't like eels.... 

We've caught roach mainly but dace, rudd, perch and pike have fallen foul of the trusty red maggot (and this corn fed bream when they weren't looking). Got to get my head round helping a left hander to learn to cast.

Oh, and busted me toe. Which is a bugger. Onwards and upwards