Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bure blues

A light dusting of snow and brightening skies made me put the chub gear away and out came the sardines. I hadn't  taken into account the possibility that Captains would be frozen but it was so off to Mayton  Bridge. Someone was downstream of the bridge where I had intended to go so headed up to the syndicate stretch, and by the stile above the Spinney one of the other members was about to start chubbing. At this point even though it was quite bright the water looked a little coloured and we thought he'd made the better choice. He decided to fish down the Spinney stretch and I went up a few swims and despite covering a reasonable amount of water didn't have to put on new sardines as nothing doing. Again. Chub bloke also reported a blank as we past on the way to our cars. Little owl heard but no barn owl seen.

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