Monday, 25 February 2013

I'll just finish my trot..

This is is an the Colne on Sheepen Road, primarily for live bait, probably pre 1980. Wak Lite called past, I think on the way home from work. I had the dace and roach and even this little chub crawling up the rod. Wak, taking a picture probably fell in but I decline to fish him out until I 'd fed and finished the trot as I'd worked the swim to a frenzy. Served him right for making me wade round Frating to check out the bottom contours. With no waders...The lives were transported on the train in flasks I remember, some were too big to get in, and the immortal phrase, "this plonker's too big for the flask" was  born. That's not a mullet by the way. I actually paid for it to be cut that way though I probably had  a hack at it as well.

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  1. I remember falling in, very slowly, right up to the waist. Sitting on the train dripping over everyone. Good haircut. It was before someone inflated your head.
    Keep 'em coming.