Thursday, 14 March 2013

Last day on the river

After some prevarication I opted for a compromise..piking and finishing off with chub, maybe.. River more coloured than Tuesday and   more pace. Had to  look about a bit for some less boily water at the top of the stretch though  less turbulent as the river straightened and widened. Colder today I thought and the bank wet and muddy.

First of the day from a small slack about the size of a pool table on half mackerel.

Just answered a text from the Essex Scribbler when I had this little'un, again on mackerel section. Quite a tussle in the strong flow

And quite soon after had this  belter. Covered in leeches and spawned out but still a hefty 23+, this was the 25 I had in the snow a month back.

Dropped out of two more fish, one of which was a reasonable double and a couple of  indications that I didn't connect with as well. Did  fish meat in two swims but no joy and off the river by 5. No doubt the chub will be evident on the gravels  and in the mill pool within a week or two as is usual, a good chance to assess likely stock numbers.

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