Friday, 26 April 2013

What the

Followed up an a interesting looking forum link and this is what I got in return..

Dear bureboy

Thank you for your interest in registering on the Traditional Fishermans Forum
Before your account is activated please can you reply to this email
giving us a brief outline of your interest as a traditional fisherman and
what you think you can bring to the forum.

TheTraditional Fishermans Forum is a community of like minded piscators
with a common interest in traditional fishing. We actively discourage
people from joining just to simply make a profit by selling their wares on
the forum and any such member may have their membership cancelled.

Please also note that the primary focus of this forum is the discussion of
traditional fishing tackle (primarily cane rods and older reels) and
techniques. Posts about modern equipment and techniques may be deleted as
we feel appropriate.

Your reply to this email will determine whether or not your account is
activated. If we do not receive a reply to this email within 7 days your
registration will be cancelled.

My reply

Good evening

Seemed like an interesitng forum really and as I just llike the idea of talking time out to enjoy being by the water and watching and sometimes catching or not catching fish and drinking in everything else around whilst doing so I don't think I would ever envisage discussing what equipment I had used to do so whether it was from some ghastly discount warehouse or from some venerable factor of days of yore rather that it was enjoyable and because of that worth sharing.

 Great news....I am in but not sure if either my drivell will go down well or whether I actually want to join their gang anyway

Bah humbug

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