Sunday, 30 June 2013

That's not a chub....

Another sortie in the river after tea, 10 degrees warmer than last weekend. Planned to explore a bit further down but irrigation generator on so stayed up-earshot of it. In hindsight should have dropped in below the bridge  for a wider sample of fish though did find mostly small gudgeon on the shallower run mid river, along with the good sized dace I have come to expect though no larger ones this time.

Glimpsed a good fish on the gravels just above the bridge, though I think it  was a brownie not a chub, white mouth and quite quick to inspect morsels. What ever it was didn't fancy my meat. Ended up for the last half hour on the mill pool itself. A few dacey tweaks on the meat then a twitchy, persistent bite at the end of the main flow.. Connected right at the back of the strike. I could feel ,it wasn't a barbel but had  I lost it I  would have said a chub. Knowing that at least one 6 had come out earlier I was keen to get it to the top to see it, and then I realised just what sort of twitchy bite on the tip it was. Pike do tend to take an age to decide that perhaps that small cube of pink stuff is food and give a characteristic bite. Not that big but it did go well in the flow.

Back soon but with a bit more  thought though the pool bed is quite snaggy so I'll have to think how to get the hemp and corn in and present the bait without taking shares in Angling Direct.