Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Yare, Yare, Yare.

Impromptu after work fish tonight. Chose Yare behind UEA as 5 min from work. Never fished, it's free. Walked previously,  plentiful small chub nice roach and dace,. Very different in character from Bure ,lots of shallow runs over chalk. Big estate nearby, on the outskirts of the city. Planned to trot meat or flake for the chub.

Flake? I haven't ever really seriously used flake to trot. Trundled meat under a float is en vogue and  a plan tonight but I want some bites to start with.Walking the top of the stretch down lots of fish, even amongst  the paddlers and dog bathers including some very noticteable, decent roach.

So trotted flake to start. First trot and I thought I had a small Yare chub. Right up to taking the selfie picture.
 Brief interlude, this balloon very nearly did end up in the tree, before gaining height

Flow quite minimal, had a couple more dace and gudgeon but decided on a move  a bit further into the bend to search for more flow and cover.

That's more like it

Not  loose feeding meant searching for the fish, including this nice roach, and one lost that would have troubled a pound on the scales.
A very relaxing 2 hours, lovely warm evening and a new place to consider, particularly for the roach, into dark in the autumn.

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