Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I'll have chub with that

Dropped in at this NACA event at Bawburgh last night:

Reasonable turn out for a meander round a few spots on the Wensum and later the Waveney. Bread picked up a few roach with the chub then mostly cheese paste so no roach. Fished long spells without much other angling competition, fishing relatively easy as long as you read the water, often fished well into the night. That just about sums it up, left at half time when he planned a few more frames from further afield.

Pleasant bloke and given the single species, classsic John Cadd poses did well to hold us for nearly an hour. Good old slide show, no apps in sight for which I heartily congratulate you, Mr. Rawden.

I think you are right Essex Scribbler., no nonsense hairy arsed sleep in the van and why not.


  1. BB, that really does sound like the 'good old days', you obviously got a little bored! No Powerpoint though, full marks for that. Are you this weekend? I may watch Boro and Leeds at lunchtime and then go after pike. Thinking about it why should I torture myself watching Boro go for a sixth game without a goal?

    Tight lines, John

  2. John
    Bure a bit coloured today when I looked over the bridge at Burgh but need to get the rod bent somewhere. Middle BB wants to see the U's vs PNE on Saturday.

    You had a great day on the drain then, lovely pike and absolutely stonking perch and a whisper of a zed...

  3. back on saturday when the fence is finished and the new gates are hung… The Perch was over(!) three inches thick, from side to side, and I have seen bigger…

    The Boss and I saw a flotilla of them in the Sixteen Foot during the close season where everyone was a record. For the boss to say "look at the size of them" really is something. What is it about big Perch? They just seem bigger than all other big fish, that Perch seemed bigger than the 26+ Pike. perhaps I'm loosing it.

    Next season you'll have to come over if I can persuade my farmer friend to let 'furriners' on his land!

    Good luck at the weekend. John

  4. I may try and get on the river Stour at the weekend, but at the moment it's up and heavily coloured. London clay rather than chalk. Pain in the arse.