Saturday, 19 April 2014

Resurrection blues

Last week my faithful Nikon 40 took a brief but very possibly terminal plunge into Captain's Pond. I hoped quite hard that a week in the airing cupboard might help me evade some awkward questions and an unforeeen and unwelcome dent in my finances.The SD card was ok, but I had to get quite a bit of water out of the lens housing and for the brief time the  camera was turned when I got it out of the water to taking out the battery it did not look, smell  or sound good with a short causing the flash open and try to fire.

I slipped in the battery yesterday and  was a bit surprised and a lot relieved to see a request to reset time, and all the normal menu functions were on the LCD screen. The auto focus on the AF-S DX lens (served by an internal motor in the lens housing) was not playing ball but with lots of disengaging and engaging the lens to the body it grudgingly coaxed itself into life.

No attempt to think about depth of field (should have gone say to f18 on a tripod to get the whole lot in focus in the shade /light  conditions but just very, very pleased that the metering, sensor, lens and everything else worked.

Only thing is I am now tempted by a couple of body/longer lens options I saw when fearing the worse..

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