Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The magic pulling power of hemp

Sunday. I'd finally defrosted, frozen, defrosted and refrozen the  hemp enough. Captains it would be. After the miserable rain early on the water was quite coloured. The night boys had pulled off except Jussie who was packing up in Dead Mans. I decided on the first jetty for close in prawn work. Despite my nimble feet (oh yeah!) I spooked three carp right in the side as I lurched onto the rickety staging. Don't know if some one had been feeding close in either to get the 2 new stockies  going or piled in some stuff to keep the swans that side of the pond but it was evident they were having it all round the jetty. Even carroty koi drifted past as I was swapping from trotting gear to the Cardinal 154 and 6lb straight through. Someone had dragged faitly recently  (and brewed several cuppas judging by the tea bags, biodegradable unlike the tube of Betnovate floating by the jetty..I have heard of carp care kits but that is taking it a bit to far).

So, fish in the swim and a reasonable chance of some of the weed having been thinned recently. In with the on the turn hemp and a tin of corn to keep the rudd quiet for a few minutes as some of  the hemp got through them. Not long before this was the scene around the float..

I am sure some of the float movement was rudd or liners as it must have been fish soup down there. This was the first fish, a bream. A bit battle scarred to be honest. Followed next cast by a mud pig that  tore off, but the hook pulled as the line ended up at a bit of an angle through a thicker clump of weed.
Another bigger bream and another hook pull on a carp,  the float sliding up and jamming in the same clump of weed. Did put out a pike bait lifter (bright red foam ball as a pop-up off the lead) as a sleeper,  Lots of pulls but not having used a hair for ages probably did not have a short enough hair.. Could have done with a smaller fake bait perhaps as I am sure again must have been rudd as well as bream/carp having a go.

One last bream as the temperature started to drop and the mist began to rise off the surface Strange deformity and lack of ventral fins...

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