Thursday, 12 March 2015

Nap hand

Mash, flake and paste. Trot a few swims then see what's what. Someone in my first trotting glide.....They didn't look like moving for a while yet. Local old time match organiser pulling on favours for last week guest chubbing. River we agreed was somewhat clear, down to the discarded trainers staring back at me from 5 feet down.

Away with the mash bucket again and out with sardine and a small roach. Said roach quickly decapitated by this ugly fecker.

3rd move and a very tatty sardine was instantly taken followed by the below feature rod. Pike seem in good, plump shape.

Just texting the Essex Scribbler when a rod over to the far shelf was away. Small pike hooked right in the scissors. Sparrowhawk and magpie both hoping over the hedge line in close synchronisation.

Dropped the headless roach (bait supplies running low) just past the trailing branches and quickly away. Best fish of the day weighing in at a healthy 12. 08.


Bait supplies now critical but fish not fussy. Look at the state of that sardine head (there was some flesh on the other side). 5 fish and home in time for tea.


  1. Another productive day Wak. Good work.

    1. Single species, single method, single river angler, depressing photo gallery! Your camera takes damn good pics by the way.

  2. It's the photographer, not the camera, ha ha.