Saturday, 16 May 2015

Fish soup

When your swim looks like this you know you are going to have a good day.

No hemp today so used a fishmeal based mix to get some pellet and corn in. Gusting but warmish wind occasionally laying the float flat. Given the amount of fish in the swim not suprising the float was constantly on the move as the fish below upended over the banquet laid out for them. First to make a mistake was this bream which vouldn't resist a prawn. At some point has had a lucky escape from a pike.

Much more spirited resistance from this typical Captains tinca, long but lean. Unlike me.

Even more spirited resistance from this rather more traditionally rounded fish, more golden than green.
A further 4 bream followed,  biggest just over 5lb and including this male still wearing rough spawning tubercules and weighing in a half a pound lighter.

A small rudd took a prawn on the drop  and was quickly lip hooked out and drifted into nearby lilly cover.
A swirl and the bait runner purring as this low double made off with the rudd.
Kerfuffle over and the last fish of the day,  the 6th bream? was coasting in again over the outstreached net.  I say bream, not sure about the colouration but clearly has red eyes. Which bream don't.

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