Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bream ticket

Captain's off the menu today, been fished hard over the weekend  so headed off to Crane's for some afternoon feeder flinging.  Windy and warm, why wouldn't you?
Coudn't resist a look for the chub off the bridge. Still there,  and after a while get a bit blasé about so many 5 and 6lb  chub milling about below. Humongous.

Feeder fishing  by the large willow at the pump end gave several bites and two almost golden bream, this one of 5lb 8oz second cast

and an even plumper fish of 6lb 7oz. Very different to the Captain's fish.

Masses of tadpoles,  great drifts everywhere. River is looking good too.


  1. Those beam look in cracking condition. Nice one Wak.

  2. Bars of coppery gold, no one fishes for them. Btw, those chub are fecking hoooooooge in the river. Loads and loads of 5/6's and probably 7's.Like submarines. And that is from 25 feet up. Will disperse once every on fishes for them from Tuesday. One last go with fly gear possibly.

  3. I really, really, really will join you for a chub bash this winter.
    How big do those bream go ?

  4. Wak, thought to get to 9's. No one is on them at the present so best I fill them old espadrilles. You would be taken back by them churb. Fecking hooooge. Think they'll get caned though.