Sunday, 13 September 2015

Greedy bastard

Thought I'd cower under a brolly and feed the chub this afternoon. Didn't go quite to plan but a pleasure to be out in amongst it anyway.

Droppered 3 swims with the unctuous, oily brew above then offered some fresh worms in hope of a perch or two. Constant action from gonks including this one which was half the length of the bait.

Paternostered a half joey, and from the first drop in trouble in the shape of ominous bobbing from either Ronnie or Reggie Kray, seemingly forming chains to reach up and snap at the bait.

Decided it not worth breaking out the Bacon Grill to feed them any more so off the river.

Had the usual drive out and ice cream with little 'uns this morning, up to Cley, across Wiveton bridge, through Blakeney and on to Sheringham. Cracking. God's own county.

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