Sunday, 3 April 2016

Nearly man

Short notice pass out so off to the Ressie and in the car park just past 6 o'clock. So short notice chick peas still mostly frozen. Smoked paprika and hemp soakings.

Plumped for the car park end  into the wind and as I set the rods down a carp leapt noisily. Dye has left a blue cast in the water.

Double chick pea down the edge over hemp and prawn straight out. Just got both indicators on and a steady lift on the right hand prawn rod.I half expected a Roach but was soon backwinding. Established it was not a furious mud pig but hard to get to the top to see what it was just in case and eventually that was my downfall as the tench (for that was what it was) , and a decent one at that threw the hook. Oh poo .Some activity onwards but no firm chances and rods out by 8 as the bats were becoming very active.

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