Tuesday 3 January 2017

Maybe, possibly, ok then list for 2017

I don't have  a competitive streak (unless it's for the buoy swim in Alton...) and whilst things don't just happen I am often only a vague participant in how life pans out.  This year though I may not have the spare time I was expecting I do have for the first time really some reserves in the financial tank. Not much but enough not to have to check the balance before any essential spend such as a tank of petrol. Not for a year or so anyway.

So  What do I want to do this year? Catch some perch, by design for a start.Who wouldn't? (well, me for a while but you know what I mean.)  This belter came from my tiny local river on maggot

I am but a few work miles away from the Fens and some of these:

No reason not to put the drop shot rod and a pin and chubber combo with some worms in the boot anytime of the open season, and that's before thinking about some small trotted or paternosterd livios in proper down time.

A must will be some chesties and a brook rod  early doors for some wild brownies. Wellies won't cut it..

And whilst I am nearly up to my neck in it I shall be looking for some  chub. Big  chub. There a lot of big (5+) fish in my local and some absolute hooge'uns, which come out to the boilie boys. 7 plussers.

Yes, I do occasionally catch chub but not often enough (this 5.09 was in March 2015).

So this year, though I will be fishing a stretch that has 7lbers just catching chub will do for me. I await the arrival of a new twin tip Avon rod to replace the over gunned and unresponsive DAM  Des Taylor 12/13 footer

Whether it is in the dark..(even with boilies)

or trying to master this I will catch more chub.

I won't be setting out to catch mudpigs anywhere, but if one or two like this mahogany beauty come my way then I won't be complaining at all, especially as it will most likely be on a float road and 3 lb line like this one or an Avon rod and 6lb line max.

As well as the Captain's bream as it is 10 minute from door to first cast I will be specifically targeting these more impressive lumps from my Res.

And whilst I am at some of these, and for me any size will do. They just make me smile

A few afternoons like this won't be a hardship

And there will always be other pike than Nigel

Not sure if the tow bar and boat will come by this year but you never know.

I am a solitary bugger but increasingly these sort of things become more important

And  who else sees things like these so often?

Toodle pip


  1. Most excellent Wak. Clonking chub. Add a bit of bassing on the lure rod, you've got good bassing on your doorstep. Agree on the social days. Let's have even more this year.

  2. Good one BB. A philosophy for life. Taking brother-in-law for the Aberdeen train at Peterborough today but tomorrow I will fish, inspired by your post. John

  3. Thanks chaps. THe odd just right early evening tide when I take the coast road back ("working late tonight....") and a bass would be smashing. See any A47 kites John?

  4. Seems to be a very common theme going on here? A light-hearted Norfolk/Kent challenge perhaps?

    1. Think you are on Dylan. though being vitrtualy non competitive myself you'll have to start the bidding...

  5. I don't know about that. I vaguely remember you being willing to kick a few people when you were playing centre half at Brightlingsea sports field. Although it was 35 plus years ago.

    1. Kick? I was an artist with a cultured right foot and sublime pace and agility. And wing back please......