Monday, 3 December 2018

Game cover

Not much of that sometimes brilliant low winter light today but this one sneaked  on a pee stop somewhere near Downham Market wasn't too shabby. Suppose this is still Breckland though the sugar beet chimneys and their plumes of steam at Wissington weren't far away. Stands of game cover and more planted cover in the copses on the brows of rises show that   the landscape is nowhere near natural virtually anywhere.

Some of my current reading pile. Apart from the Olsen which got done staight off  I tend to snatch a few minutes at  a time these days. Bookmarks come in handy.


  1. Hello BB- Nice picture, mate... Really looking forward to winter landscapes... How is 'On the Marshes', by the way? Best Regards, Gazza

    1. Thanks Gareth. On the low land rivers at the mo but we have ventured into some fen drains. Early days.