Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Ticking over

Had  go on the banded pellet on Sunday, just didn't feel right so on with the golden grains for a few mediocre roach and skimmers and this long old thing. I think there were several down there so must give 'em a proper go.

Golden pond is really feeling the heat of late. Looks quite desperate to be honest but the fish seem in to be in tip top shape at the moment. Three being the norm for a scant evening hour including travel


Morning rations being delivered to the great burghers of Holt. Let them eat sponge...


  1. Cracking eel BB and that pond looks like my sort of pond - small, discreet, tucked away and tenchy! TTFN Dickie

    1. Think I might have a proper go for the eels Dickie