Sunday, 13 October 2019

Male order bride

Rain free widow Saturday afternoon and off to the Very Green Lagoon. Caster or corn over hemp, frustrating missing many bites but the roach and skimmers did keep coming. One solid thump on the strike and tench on. It kited to the left hand pads and I had to get up to get control and bring it back to the  safety zone. 3 lb line and #12 spade end on a balanced Drennan Waggler rod is usually just right provided it's not hit and hold. It dived into the false safety of the outstretched net and he was mine. A lovely conditioned high backed feller.  Well, it told me it identified as  cis male gender. Some debate on FB. The doubter was advised by a wag to be very careful about his  choice of dance partner in Thailand. Its normally the mail order bride who lands in a cold wet UK to be met by a middle aged , balding Gammon who still lives with his mum. Definitely a skaterboi this one.

Had a little snapper on a joey as well. Missed another as the baitrunner was set for the river and the soft joey pulled off  the trace.

Dreadful forecast for tomorrow but I really ought to risk it as no real chance then of getting out till pre-Halloween weekend.

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