Saturday, 25 January 2020

Famine to feast

I've been mostly lergied  so it was nice to get out in the gloom and murk late doors today. Silver haired syndicate man must have been on recently give the Shakespear sized seat box marks. I gave the swim a good go on trotted reds for no reward so out with a tiny cage feeder and a pinch of flake on a #12. Didn't take long for signs of interest, they'd been there all along. I couldn't get any decent pulls though, even on a 1 oz tip. I changed to reds  and a couple hung on long enough. The first, around 10 oz and my first  fish of 2020. The second was different gravy, and I had to flip the anti-reverse off as it charged off. Flashing silver and a very decent fish to draw over the rim of the net.  My scales said 1.09  What a lovely shape.

1 comment:

  1. Everyone says its bigger than that. Unless I catch it again and can check that's not important. Whatever, its a glorious unit of a fish and one I'll never forget.