Sunday 25 February 2024

Pond dippping

Rivers are still cack and it has been cold so I have had a few desultory pokes about on a few localish waters without much conviction or application. So my rewards have been as meagre as I deserve. Well sort of meagre anyway. 

Three bites on Tuesday and one hit. A very lovely roach indeed. Double reds on a #16 B560

Next short trip three further bites, two tiny roach and this slightly less tiny hybrid.

And next time out, even colder but more bites though hard won merest dips of the dotted down waggler with 3 small (not tiny) roach and seven perch all of which thought they bigger than they were.

On a more positive note we went to the gastronomic Mecca (no bingo) that is Fakenham Wetherspoons and as well as a small but delightful steak and kidney pud I checked out the upper river levels. Might have to put a rod in the charabanc for a just in case if the rain holds off.


  1. Clonking roach.
    You do love Wetherspoonns dont you ? Try the Hungry Horse in Clacca next time you're down here. Right up your street.
    Don't forget the Lonsdale trakkies though.

    1. Cheap way to feed the (older) kids and have a pint. Need prison white trainers to go with the Lonsdales. i have to suffer Maccies if Little 'Uh is playing away too.