Sunday 7 April 2024

Munterama. or a face only a mother could love

Given the warmer, drier conditions I thought I'd check out one of my daily commute waters for the odd early finish raid. Small urbanish gravel pit not far from my brownie river.  Still quite boggy and thus a  little uncomfortable to fish but as it was shorts weather things always seem a little better. I had bought the method rods still set up from last year  and some frozen and several times refrozen Krill and Squid method pellets from last year too. Which was probably why they wouldn't mould properly and the wafters were left dangling rather than being buried  in a nice mound of pellet on top of the feeder. I suppose I could have opened a new packet but I didn't. Stingy bugger me. I need to retackle and clean the rods and reels too. Maybe.

Anyway, the pit threw up a couple or three of it's mutant inhabitants. Not a club  to pursue a rigorous and vetted stocking policy. Quite of few of the grass carp they stocked to clear one of the smaller, weedier pits on the ticket seemed to have transformed  into chub.  

This one looked very strangely coloured in the water, but jagged around nicely.  I've just seen that they have stocked a good number of crucians from  a local growing on water. I'm itching to grass then up to the Crucian Association just for LOLs  on Facebook. A page for one eyed swivelling loons if I ever clicked

And this bream was a shocker. Tiny mouth, and thin as a razor blade

This one was bream shaped but with a very raggedy tail.. Getting ready to spawn more mutants too.


  1. It must be something gin the water.

  2. That bream must only eat soup!

  3. Hideous. Find another water Waaaaaak.

  4. Saw that and thought you were being a bit hard on yourself Steve as there's a pic of you with a clonking chub above it😊then realised it was the mutant fish you were alluding to🙄hope you are well and not getting to worn out watching Gale's antics.

    1. Ha. Yes, the Loafer is always up to something... All well with you?

  5. Not too bad, finally broke the 3 lb perch barrier with a fish of 3lb 4oz ,not massive by today's standards but a worthy catch nonetheless.