Saturday 8 June 2024

Kicking up a stinca

Carp Dad. Phil Foden catches carp. We want to too. OK then but on the float only.  They do pull back you know. They did pull back, five times. Each carp meant 4 grains of corn to be eaten straight from the bait box. A sore wrist curtailed play. They can learn their trade before going to the dark side. And I'm too mean to shell out on day ticket money, or the journey too often...

I had more serious business to attend to. Tench. And I knew just the place. Yes, bream and mudpigs might get in the way now and then but with a view like this  I could put up with a bit of a sacrifice. And no day ticket. Hour and a bit sessions are my allotted windows at present.

First foray on Golden pond was a bit chillier than it looked above. Not much movement until curfew time and a last cast bite. After a quick surge the hoped for tench turned into  a surrender monkey bream. Unhooked in the net  on the pads to save on a bit of slime,

Next pass out and the stages looked a windy prospect so tucked in on the noisy but wind calmed  road bank, close in to cover. A couple of missed bites on my favoured Source mini boilie and bingo.  A much sterner contest and  a lovely fat tench was resting up in the net. Must be the carp boys feed that's fattening them up as I'm  used to them being long but thin..

Last trip back on the staging saw a bream and a carp being lost just near the net (hook pulls) but the return of  a long lost Puddle Chucker; swings and roundabouts as I'd had the fun bit of playing them in.



  1. It has been a bit chillier than looks of late. Nice to get a tench though.

    1. Never say no to a tench. Freezing wind at times.

  2. Bin that puddle chucker for a bit peacock boi.

  3. I love a puddle chucker, just need something for it to rhyme with for the blog........