Saturday 6 July 2024

Driveby shooting at Chicken Bridge

I had a longer go after the scaley rod benders, did get a few roach on the drop and some proper bubblers showing old skool stylee in the deep channel to have a think about. Oh, and of course some deffo tench bubbles started once I'd packed up. Got in to hear the result (I'd seen 0-1 earlier) and somehow a sorry arsed Southgate shackled Engerland had scraped through to the Round of 8. (It's not fooken World Series Baseball FFS)

Other than that its been quick rod in the back of the charabanc, everything in my big green bucket sessions on the way to or back from somewhere else. Had an hour on the Duck Pond but didn't  pop in to see if Lord Sugar was in the pub. Did have to cough up a fiver to the newly installed Warden, who was using a very garish set up with little reward.  Think he's there all day, every day so I'll have to weigh up when to part with my hard earned dosh. The cormorants have wiped out loads of  the little scaley rod tremblers and their escapees are getting a bit too big to swallow now, have seen a few roach being caught though which might tempt  the Fen Master away from his vintage press.

One of the inhabitants of the Duck Pond that graced the dampened net and duck cropped grassy sward, all caught virtually under my hideous Crocs, no socks The commons seeming to be doing better than the flatter bellied mirrors.

Checked out the Mill  Pound on Norfolk's only canal mostly to bash a few small swims out, facing wind and lots of silk weed so back with a rake and get  some mash and corn going in. No dace  or bigger rudd but here's a sample of what I wangled out. Perch, ruddlet and a hybrid. Must be some bream in here somewhere

Then there is Chicken Bridge and the search for the Norfolk Bog Shed Door Blue rope swing. Still thinking about a post of chub amongst a healthy bag taken on hemp 'n' caster. The spot looked familiar, and so did the swing. Perhaps he'd put the inevitable brownies back and not in his keep net? Perhaps it was further down and he'd dropped in a few NBSDB herrings? I had had a mosey further down than I'd been and found a few nice runs, seen some minnows and  otter signs. but no NBSDB rope swings. Time was short  so straight to the shady spot with a NBSDB rope swing. This one. Comparisons on my cracked phone screen not conclusive

Anyway, in for a penny and all that. Loads (many, many) of browns, most a lot bigger than this one.

Not so many dace.

And enough mint fresh roach like these to send me happily on my way. quite quickly when  the small holder who must have been pissed about the yoots milling about now school is out and made his feelings clear with a shotgun. Only in Chicken Bridge Town, deffo a Reform voter. 




  1. A motley collection of all sorts there. I'm surprised that the trout don't still have the parr markings on them given their size.

  2. Perfection! That little Brownie looked immaculate!

  3. Your write up always makes me smile. Such a nice way of putting things. Great reading with a cuppa on a cold Monday morning up North.

    1. Ta. It's now a cold wet Saturday morning out East